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EGGER flooring quantity calculator 484604 EGGER HOME Comfort flooring

EHC032 Coloured Villanger Oak

1. Floor area

Measure your floor area with precision and enter your data here.

Please enter the area of the room to proceed to the next step.

2. Need for skirting boards

Measure the length of the walls where skirting boards are needed. Note that no skirting boards are needed for doors or e.g. behind a kitchen block.

Please enter the sum of the wall sections to proceed to the next step.


3. Offcut

For normal installation in rooms with a square or rectangular floor area, an average cut of 5% can be included in the calculation. In very unusual shaped rooms, we recommend including a higher offcut in the calculation. You can adjust the offcut here.

Please enter a percentage value for offcuts (maximum value: 100 %).


4. Sub-floor

The right underlay is important for optimum installation results.

Select the sub-floor, which will be installed under the flooring.

Your data in summary:

Decor name

Coloured Villanger Oak


Floor area

Need for skirting boards